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Muslin Double Gauze Pull Over Style Blouse

Muslin Double Gauze Pull Over Style Blouse

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Introducing our elegant and versatile Muslin Double Gauze Pull-Over Blouse, a timeless addition to any wardrobe. Crafted from the finest double-layered muslin gauze fabric, this blouse combines luxurious comfort with a chic, understated style.

The lightweight and breathable nature of the double gauze fabric makes this blouse ideal for all seasons, keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer and providing an extra layer of warmth in the cooler months. The loose, relaxed fit and pull-over design ensure effortless wearability, while the delicate drape and soft texture exude an air of casual sophistication.

Free size - recommended bust of 42” or less
Bust - 44”
Length 25”
Sleeve Length 20”

Model is 5′2″ (158cm) tall with a 81cm/32″ bust, 69cm/27″ waist, 92cm/36″ hips

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